The 3 Key Differences Between Used Auto Parts And Refurbished Auto Parts

While refurbished or rebuilt auto parts are technically used parts, there are some key differences between this type of replacement part and traditional used auto parts. Understanding these key differences will allow you to determine which type of replacement part is best suited to your repair needs. In this article, you will be able to learn more about each of the three key differences between traditional used auto parts and refurbished auto parts.

Difference #1: Warranty Coverage

Traditional used auto parts are commonly sold with no warranty coverage. This is because suppliers simply cannot guarantee the condition of these parts since they are being removed from one vehicle and placed in another. This means that there is a significant risk associated with choosing to purchase some used auto parts. Refurbished and rebuilt auto parts, on the other hand, allow you to minimize this risk since these parts are often accompanied by warranty coverage. 

Difference #2: Pre-Sale Inspection And Repair

Traditional used auto parts do not go through any type of quality inspection or repairs before they are sold. Instead, these parts are taken off of a vehicle that is no longer road worthy and then immediately sold. In fact, some used auto parts suppliers will make you remove these parts from the junk vehicle yourself before purchasing them. This practice is often referred to as pick and pull. 

Refurbished auto parts, on the other hand, go through an inspection process, and any necessary repairs are made before the part is sold. Any debris that has built up is also removed, and the part is thoroughly cleaned and lubricated if necessary before it is sold to you. This helps to greatly reduce the risk that your replacement part will break down on you shortly after being installed.

Difference #3: Longevity

One of the reasons that many people choose to purchase traditional used auto parts is that these replacement parts are often the most affordable option. However, while used auto parts may require a lower upfront payment, these parts can actually end up costing you more in the long run. This is because used parts will inevitably have a shorter lifespan. This means that you may need to replace these parts more often. Refurbished auto parts allow you to still save money when compared to brand-new parts without sacrificing the longevity of your replacement parts. Since these parts are restored to a like-new condition before being sold, you will enjoy a much longer lifespan from these parts than when choosing used auto parts. 

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