How Having Your Transmission Repaired Can Extend The Life Of Your Car

So, you have just found out that you have a faulty transmission that will need to be replaced or completely rebuilt in the near future. There are many drivers who believe that a car that still runs isn't in dire need of repair, so they can end causing further damage simply by not heeding the advice of their mechanics. Even though it is hard to miss the way a car drives when its transmission is slipping, there are still those who will use their cars as if there's absolutely nothing wrong until they simply can't anymore. There are several reasons why you should get any transmission repair needed as soon as possible, and here are a few bigger mechanical issues that can be behind the symptoms you may be encountering with your car.

Transmissions And Gear Shifting Mechanisms

Whether your vehicle's engine runs on eight, six or four cylinders, its transmission is the key to giving your car power. Transmissions control your car's gear shifting timing, which also helps to regulate your vehicle's speed. In a car with a manual transmission, the clutch is engaged and the gears are manually shifted, but if a transmission repair is needed, you may not end up shifting to the correct gear. Automatic transmission vehicles go from gear to gear according to the total RPMS, or rotations per minute. Unfortunately, those loud, grinding sounds that you hear when your car shifts gears might be an indication that your vehicle's transmission needs to be repaired.

Preserving Your Torque Converter and Crankshaft

Driving on a car that requires transmission repair can also be stressful on your car's engine. Car engines and transmissions are connected via the crankshaft, which itself can crack or become corrupted when timely transmission repairs don't take place. Your torque converter can also become damaged by driving when your mechanic has recommended transmission repair or replacement. If you have several different parts of your car that get severely damaged by driving on a bad transmission, you risk having your repair bills go up substantially.

Transmission Fluid Leakages

Many types of small fluid leaks can be patched up or fixed without too much labor on a mechanic's part, but if they are allowed to be ignored they can become much more severe. Transmissions that leak fluid should be serviced as soon as they become apparent. You may only need to get your transmission pan replaced, but again, it is absolutely vital that you have the issue diagnosed as soon as possible. For more information, contact a business such as Karry's Automotive Service Center

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