Buying A Used Semi-Truck? Make These Features A Priority

Investing in a used semi-truck is a great way to work as your own boss in the trucking industry. With more than 700 billion dollars worth of revenue realized in 2014 and no sign of industry slow down, now is the time to invest in a used semi-truck and work as your own boss just about anywhere in the country that you prefer. It's important to ensure that the semi-truck you purchase will hold up to wear and tear for many years to come, and that it will meet your needs as your business and workload grows, so you don't end up having to put a lot of money into refurbishments as time goes on. Here are a few features to make a priority when you start your search for that perfect semi-truck:

Tire Tread Depth

One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a used semi-truck is tire tread. A quality truck's front steer tires should have no less than 4/32 inches of tread depth to ensure that they won't need replacement during the first few months of being on the road. All the other tires on the truck should have a minimum of 2/32 inches of tread depth.

Each set of tires on the truck should match closely in terms of tread depth as well – if one in a set is more worn than the other, the less worn tire is likely to experience unnecessary wear and tear, therefore requiring a replacement long before its expected lifespan. Tires with optimal tread depth should help improve your gas mileage while on the road too.

A Convenient Surface Design

Look for a used semi-truck that features a sleek, flat surface design on its exterior so you can easily advertise your services on it while transporting products around the country for your clients. If your truck has lots of curves and intricate surface designs you may find it tough to do things like place magnetic signs on the doors, print your phone number on the body, or attach a banner to the back sliding door. Stay away from rigs that are coated with textured paints if possible, as the textures can inhibit the effective application of print designs, custom painted logos, and magnets.

Warranty Availability

Since you'll be buying a used semi-truck, it's a good idea to look into warranty availability, as you likely won't have the luxury of relying on a manufacturer's warranty for financial help with repairs when they're needed. You should be able to find a few used rigs that qualify for coverage under an extended warranty, which will cover things like the drive train, engine, transmission, and other important aspects of the truck, so you don't have to pay for the whole repair bill out-of-pocket.

Ask the dealership you're working with to provide you with all available policies for the trucks you're considering purchasing. This will enable you to take the time to carefully compare each policy at home before making any serious financial commitments.

Complete Records of Service

It's essential to make sure that the used semi-truck you invest in comes with service records that date back to its original purchase. To keep the truck in optimal running condition in the years after your purchase, you'll need to know about every oil change, maintenance session, repair, and upgrade that has been done to the truck since leaving the factory. Make sure records for body and accessory work are included. It's also a good idea to request a vehicle history report to accompany the service records to ensure that you're aware of things like accidents and traffic tickets too.

By ensuring that your semi-truck offers these features, you can expect to enjoy a convenient start to your new venture as a truck driver. For help finding the perfect semi truck for your needs, contact a company like Arrow Truck Sales

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